Non-invasive uterine and fetal monitoring

Safe for both mothers and babies

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Easy to use, cost effective and highly accurate. No new waveforms to learn, no new monitors to purchase. Simply focus on providing enhanced patient care.

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how it worksSafe, Accurate & Reliable

Traditional internal monitors often cause safety concerns, and external monitors can be unreliable. Our cutting-edge technology sets the bar for high standards in obstetrics care.

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Our innovative solution, the TrueLabor™ System with LaborTrack™ Technology, is a non-invasive device that is transforming the labor and delivery process. It is designed to help maternal fetal medicine specialists and Ob/Gyns identify, measure and evaluate uterine contractions and fetal heart rate throughout pregnancy and labor.

The TrueLabor™ System also helps doctors and nurses distinguish between true and false labor signs. Our maternal fetal monitor is highly accurate, providing safe and secure readings even in the most difficult conditions.

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